Air India Flying Returns And Frequent Flyer Benefits
18.03.2014 14:27

                                                       Air India Flying Returns | Image Resource: thehindu.com

Air India is the flag carrier of India’s aviation industry. The flights of Air India cover major Indian cities like Chennai, Amritsar, Thiruvanathapuram, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kozhikode etc. Also, internationally the flights cover Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Gulf countries like Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The number of returns one gets from any airline increases its demands among the customers. Air India flying returns provide the loyal passengers with several benefits which keeps the existing passengers remain intact with it.  

The flying returns are in other words known as Frequent Flyer’s Program for other airline industries. There are different types of return policies of Air India which keep the passengers attracted towards it. The different types of programs are:

Silver Edge Club:

This is limited to the lower-mid tier department. It can be earned by maing 25000 status miles in a year. When a passenger achieves this designation, he is entitled to get 10% mileage point bonus over certain Air India flights. An extra baggage allowance of 10 kg is also provided.

Golden Edge Club:

It is the upper mid-tier program and can be earned with 50,000 status miles in a year. An extra baggage allowance of 15 kg is given.

Maharaja Club:

This club is the top tier and can be achieved by 75,000 status miles in 365 days. In this class, an extra baggage allowance of 20 kg is provided.

Scoring extra mileage points will help a passenger to come up to different tiers of the Air India flying returns. While the minimum qualification to achieve these programs is not that easy, the benefits obtained from the same are umpteen.


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