Air India Web Check In- A Feature To Economize On Time And Energy
10.04.2014 14:30

                                           Air India Web Check In | Image Resource : thehindubusinessline.com

With multiple entrants in the airline industry, the completion has become quite cut-throat. Each day the airline companies come up with newer strategies to attract potential clients to buy airplane tickets of theirs. These strategies may include reasonable costs or periodic offers which they issue from time to time to entice passengers. However, a very important facility like the Air India check in is such that it is a sure shot winner each time, more so when people travel with kids and families. Who does not want to make travel less hassle some and quick? With the web check-in facility, passengers holding confirmed tickets can make their check-ins through the internet at their own convenience. But it has to be between 48 and 2 hours in advance of the travel. No elaborate registration is required for the service, the person availing it just needs to have internet access, a confirmed ticket or tickets and a printer to print either the boarding pass in the case of domestic travel or a conformation slip in the case of international flights.

Note that the printed e-document which is proof of the Air India web check in is not a valid document for entry in the airports because the entry into the airport premise still requires you to have your photo identification proof. For people holding documents of pre check-ins have Dedicated Baggage Counters at their disposal where one needs to report 40 minutes in advance for domestic travel and 60 minutes in advance for all the international flights.


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