Air Travel - Quick Journey And Royal Treatment
17.06.2014 10:32

                                                                      Air Travel | Image Resource : nabeeloo.com

From traveling in a palanquin carried by people and bullock cart to air-conditioned trains and buses, India has come a long way through. The mode of transport has been advancing almost ever since men started understanding science and technology. Today, India has every single mode of transport known to man. Roadways, railways, airways, waterways and even a tram have a network that is still working! A traveler can choose the mode of transport that best suits his/her convenience. When that was met, India went ahead a step and started meeting the comfort needs of the passengers by introducing metro trains, air-conditioned trains and buses, etc. However, of all these modes of transport, air travel is by far the quickest, most comfortable and convenient mode of transport.

Airlines or Airplanes are the most commonly used Air travel in India, which dates to about a 60 years back and the oldest airways set up in India was the Indian Airlines. When started, they catered to only domestic needs and a few neighboring countries within Asia. Today, Airways in India is completely developed, covering almost every domestic and international destination. Though Airways is a quick way to travel, it still is the costliest mode of transport, which makes it impossible to be utilized by just any lay man. However, the economy and technology is constantly developing all over the world. The lowest fare promise by the Indigo airline has already started a revolution by making air travel possible for a larger population in the country.


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