Dream Stay At Hotels in Mussoorie!
17.09.2014 11:04

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Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station situated at  Dehradun District, Uttarakhand and it is well known for its prominent places like The Kempty Falls, Nahata Estate, Mussoorie Lake, Lake Mist, Bhatta Falls etc. Mussoorie is known by the name ‘the Queen of the Hills’ and offers tourists and travellers a real visual treat! The main source of income of this city is tourism and it is improving drastically.

Hotels In Mussoorie are ideal place for you to reside in style and are abundant in this city. You can prefer staying at five star hotels, luxurious resorts, cottages or there are many low cost tourist homes and lodges to provide you a comfortable stay with affordable rates.

Stylish And Luxurious Hotels In Mussoorie:

Country Inn Mussoorie is one among the best hotels in the city and provides you a peaceful stay in the natural environment. This hotel is a perfect choice to enjoy adventurous tours and activities and hotel is established with many beautiful tourist destinations in its neighbourhood. It is an ideal place for all sorts of travellers and tourists.

Country Inn provides facilities like travel assistance, high speed internet, doctor on call, frequent airport shuttle, free incoming fax, front desk, indoor game room and meeting halls. Hotel provides cosy cottages for an elegant stay. Stylish decors and basic amenities are neatly arranged to give you a perfect accommodation in this city.

Other popular hotels in Mussoorie are Fortune the Savoy, Benog Pine Cottages, Amar Hotel, Brentwood Hotels, All Seasons Guest House, Avalon Resorts, Amar Resorts, Classic Fall Resorts etc.


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