Hotels in Leh : Enjoy A Grand Holiday In The Mighty Mountains!
12.04.2014 11:58

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Ladakh which is known as the land of high passes is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. There are marvelous hotels in Leh like Ladakh Residency, Spic n span, The Kaal, The Druk Ladakh, The Driftwood Thongsal, Chunka Camp Nubra, Cold Desert Camp, The Grand Dragon, Grand Himalaya, Hotel Antelope, Hotel Kidar, etc. These hotels provide friendly services and hospitality to each and every guest who visits them.

Most hotels in Leh showcase a traditional and ancient style. Beautifully carved wooden furniture, vintage artifacts and luxurious rooms fill guests with warmth and make their stay a delightful one. One such hotel is the Driftwood Thongsal. It is located in the central part of the Leh town. The word Thongsal means good view. Guests are offered personalized services which make them feel at home and what is even more appealing is the gratifying hospitality.

This hotel is located at Yurthung road. Shanti Stupa and Tsas Soma Masjid are hotels which are nearby. Guests are offered the best holiday experience. Basic amenities like parking, travel desk, currency exchange, 24 hour room service and medical care. The striking point of this hotel is the delicious cuisine offered in the restaurant called Tingmo at Thongsal. A wide variety of herbs is used to create the most sumptuous meal for the guests. The chefs and attentive staff assist in creating the right cuisine for events planned by the guests. Visitors enjoy their stay so much that they always come back again in the next season.


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