Hotels in Varanasi : Clean Away Your Sins with a Comfortable Stay!
13.09.2014 14:43

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Varanasi gets its income mostly from tourism, over fifty-lakh tourist’s visit per annum. The reason for such flow of people is the history and cultural value the city holds. Domestic tourists come from Bihar, UP, MP and West Bengal and International tourists hailing from all corners of the world but 95% of them come for religious purpose.
Varanasi has been the symbol of Hindu and Buddhism for thousands of years. Not just a pilgrimage but it has also been the home of many successful musicians, poets, writers and philosophers and even the Hindustani classical music originated from Varanasi. It even holds the sacred value of being the place where Buddha gave his first oration.
There are many Hotels in Varanasi providing unbeatable level of services and comforts to the guests.
Start your holy journey from the peaceful Hotels in Varanasi!
Many hotels are located in the heart of the city, which stand as a great comfort travelling to all the holy places. There are multiple eating outlets in hotels, well-designed meeting halls and the accommodation is spacious.
These hotels are perfect for business and common travelers. These hotels have a special packages of showing all the major places of the city like kasha Vishwanath temple, Banaras Hindu University, Ramnagar Fort, Tulsi Manas Temple, Sarnath Buddhist Place, Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, Bharat Kala Museum, Ram Nagar Durg, Main Ghats at River Ganges.
Many premium hotels even provide place for a peaceful natural walks on the bank of the river.


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