Many Benefits Of Choosing Bangkok Airways Flights
26.04.2014 12:27

Bangkok Airways| Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Bangkok Airways is one of Asia's biggest regional airline companies and is an excellent option for anyone who wants to visit Thailand and nearby countries. Since there are so many things to visit in Thailand, it has become a very popular country for tourists. There are lots of business travelers heading out to Asian countries nowadays due to their growing economies. Bangkok Airways is focusing on passenger comfort, as part of their Boutique Airline campaign, and as such have designed passenger lounges that are relaxing and comfortable. Every passenger has access to the kind of lounge that most airlines reserve for business or first class passengers, with no extra costs. Bangkok Airways' lounges feature play areas for children, internet connections and even free drinks and snacks.

Bangkok Airways flights began offering internal flights in Thailand in 1968, it didn’t become a commercial airline until 1989, and since then it’s been steadily increasing its reach to more cities and countries. This company’s commitment to quality can be seen by the number of awards it has received over the last few years. Some of the most impressive awards in the airline industry are those given by Sky tracks, which uses independent customer polls,

Bangkok Airways flights has been recognized as Asia’s Best Regional Airline several times on this basis. Another distinction the airline has achieved is the EIA Monitoring Award, which is given to airlines that demonstrate concern about the environment. Fliers who travel to Asia are starting to notice that this airline is offering top quality services and winning awards for its efforts.


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